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like you, it makes no sense…and like you, it feels right.

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Emily arrives at the Fox Summer 2014 Television Critics Association All-Star Party: July 20, 2014

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bones meme: nine scenes
↳ “so…you gonna charge her?”
   ”you gotta go back to school on this one. That’s a fine woman there.”

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  • ”David’s a really fun guy to work with.  He’s not a dark person.  He can play that serious and deep stuff, but we both believe in having a good time.  We’re entertaining people, and we absolutely can have fun while we’re doing that.  We have fun together, and we have fun with everybody else on our crew and cast.  I’m really lucky that David is such a fun person to work with, and a great guy.”- Emily
  • ”Thank god, I was blessed with a co-star who is so generous and supportive.  When we have bad days, we just recognize it and go on.  We don’t hold onto it.  We don’t judge, we just go forward.  And I think that helps our chemistry.  We use what we’re going through in our scenes.  We’ve learned, early on, that that helps our chemistry.  If anything, it helps us grow with the characters, rather than being so stagnant.  You can’t take it for granted.  You have to be able to push every moment and every scene.  It’s so important”- David

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booth and brennan moments | kisses → season 9 (1/3)

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